PGI Sampling Systems, Manifolds & Parts

PGI INTERCEPTOR SAMPLERS – PGI is a premier manufacturer of composite sampling systems for gas and refined liquid applications offering the most cost effective systems by means of patented technological advancements.

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PGI DIRECT-MOUNT SYSTEMS – PGI is the recognized industry leader in the close coupling of manifold systems. Pioneered by PGI in 1988, Direct-Mount™ Systems can minimize or eliminate Gauge Line Error (GLE), resulting in more accurate flow measurement


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PGI offers a wide range of manifolds to fit any service, meet any requirement, all with the patented Teflon® Pressure-Core® Stem Seal with an unmatched 5 year warranty. Our offering of 2,3 and 5 valve manifolds ranges from a simple by-pass manifold to our sophisticated purge adapter. All are available in a wide range of material. All of our 316 stainless steel manifolds meet NACE MR0175/ISO 15156-3 as standard.


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Turn-Saver™ — Only 3-1/2 Turns!
This new innovative feature minimizes the number of turns to fully open or close the bonnet of the valve or manifold assembly. The Turn-Saver allows less repetitive motion and saves significant time during calibrations or transmitter replacement. This added feature comes without an added price on all PGI Pressure-Core large bore soft seat applications.

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PGI’s Valves Systems feature the patented Teflon® Pressure-Core® Stem Seal with an unmatched 5 year warranty. All valves and manifolds are available with a bonnet handle lock-out that prevents unauthorized cycling in either the open or closed position, or an anti-tamper bonnet that allows the bonnet stem to be placed in any position before removing the handle. OS & Y bonnets available. Standard 316 SS models conform to NACE MR0175/ISO 15156-3.


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  • 316 SS Shut-Off Valves on Each End with Tefzel Soft Seats and Teflon® Pressure-Core® Stem Seals – Standard with 5 Year No Leak Warranty
  • Burst Disc Holder and 2,000 PSI Pressure Gauges
  • Mag-N-Tube™ Volume Indicator
  • Gas & Liquid Designs
  • Patented Piston with Ceramic Magnets and Magnetic Field Intensifier
  • DOT Approved 300cc to 1000cc
  • Optional 80% Fill Switch Provides Additional Operator Safety
  • CRN – Canadian Registration Certificates Available

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