Hand Cleaners

APPLAUSE Gelled Hand Sanitizer #693

APPLAUSE is a unique blend of emollients and ethyl alcohol that works to instantly sanitize hands without water or towels. It leaves hands sanitized, smooth and conditioned without an antiseptic smell. Will not dry out skin. Helps prevent bacterial transfer and reduces hospital acquired infections. Dries in 15 seconds leaving hands with a fresh citrus fragrance. The 4 ounce bottle fits any pocket for convenient use

HUSKY Liquid Gel Hand Cleaner

HUSKY Liquid Gel Hand Cleaner removes dirt, grease, ink, carbon, & pain. Leaves hands spotlessly clean, soft, and smooth. Contains emollients to leave hands soft. Ideal cleaner for mechanics, industrial workers, painters, auto shops, garages, and manufacturing plants. (4gal/cs)

Power Industrial Hand Cleaner

Power Industrial Hand Cleaner concentrated heavy duty cleaner that quickly removes grease, oils, dirt, grime, carbon, and ink. Contains no caustics, solvents, or abrasives. (4gal/cs)

Rough Touch Scrubs in a Bucket

Rough Touch Scrubs in a Bucket are a pre-moistened, heavy duty towel with pumice scrubbing power. Works fast to loosen, dissolve, and absorb dirt and grease. (6 buckets/case)

Scrubs Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Scrubs Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer Wipes kills germs rapidly and prevents cross contamination while conditioning and moisturizing the skin. (6 buckets/case)

Smart Sudz Foaming Anti-Bacterial Hand Cleaner #695

SMART SUDZ foaming anti-bacterial hand cleaner is formulated to clean hands and kill disease-carrying germs more effectively than ordinary soap and water. The thick, rich foam contains skin softening emollients to help soothe dryness. Leaves hands feeling clean, soft and smooth. Pleasant melon fragrance contains no iodine. Effective even in hard water.

SOOTHE Creme Waterless Hand Cleaner #681

SOOTHE is a cream waterless hand cleaner. Concentrated and heavy duty, yet gentle to hands. May be used with or without water. Cleans deep down to remove even the most stubborn grease, oil, tar, ink and other soils. Leaves hands feeling smooth and smelling fresh and clean. Has pleasant banana scent